Score the most points.

Pro Team Selection

One account is allowed per participant.

You have $40,000 fantasy dollars. You may use this money to buy athletes for your fantasy team. You may not select more than 10 athletes for your team.

Each athlete’s cost will change throughout the season. If an athlete’s value increases while he or she is on your team, you may keep the athlete on your team without paying the new higher price. When you sell an athlete, you will receive the athlete’s current price. In this way, it is possible to have more than $40,000 fantasy dollars, but it is also possible to have far less than $40,000 fantasy dollars.

Team selection closes at midnight CET before each race.

A calendar of when team selection opens & closes is included on the events page. The Visma Ski Classics' season calendar can be found here.

Not all athletes will compete in all races. It is up to you to select athletes that will be competing.

You can only trade away and replace up to 3 athletes each weekend. You can always fill spots on your roster that were formerly empty, and can get rid of as many athletes as you want, but can only make three changes. You can sell and re-add an athlete without penalty, other than whatever price difference there is in the athlete's value.


The Fantasy Pro Teams with the top three scores at the end of the season will recieve prizes.

Prizes will be awarded interactively at the Ski Classics Gala in Levi on April 14th.

1st: Euro 500 + official champion cup + 2 free start entries in Visma Ski Classics Final and Banquet 2020

2nd: Euro 250

3rd: Euro 125

If there is a tie, it will be broken by random draw.


Fantasy points are awarded to athletes for the four individual competitions: Champion, Sprint, Climb, and Youth. An athlete's points from these four categories are added together to find the number of points they scored in a race. Youth points are equivalent to 50% of Champion points, so a skier of age 26 or below essentially scores one and a half times Champion points in a race.

Fantasy individual champion, sprint and climb points for the Individual Prologue will be handed out according to the points in the following table.

Please note that all Pro Team athletes starting and finishing within 20% of the winning time in the Pro Team Prologue will get 500 individual fantasy bonus points in the Champion bib competition.